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Tuesday, December 31, 2019


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Peter Andreas Thiel is a German-American billionaire entrepreneur and venture capitalist. ... Thiel enrolled in Stanford Law School and earned his Doctor of ...
Board member of‎: ‎Facebook
Political party‎: ‎Republican
Net worth‎: ‎US$2.3 billion (2019)
Education‎: ‎Stanford University‎ (‎BA‎, ‎JD‎)
Nov 27, 2017 - Read Andrew Granato's cover story for the November 2017 issue of Stanford Politics Magazine.
Dec 11, 2015 - ... as well as investor Peter Thiel (who worked with Musk at PayPal). ... like Geoff Hinton and Andrew Ng (who work with Google and Baidu ...
Jul 25, 2018 - Venture capitalist Peter Thiel has returned to teach a class at Stanford University, according to a listing spotted by Stanford graduate Andrew ...
Lecture notes from Peter Thiel's Stanford class, “CS183: Startup”](
Blake Masters is Chief Operating Officer at Thiel Capital, President of The Thiel Foundation, and co-author, with Peter Thiel, of Zero to One. He went to Stanford ...
Nov 2, 2018 - Peter Thiel owes it all to Silicon Valley. The Stanford lawyer-turned-PayPal founder rose to unimaginable riches on the internet boom.
Andrew Yan-Tak Ng is a businessman, computer scientist, investor, and writer. ... In Zero to One, legendary entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel shows how we ...
Nov 30, 2017 - Peter's Thiel's network from the Stanford Review is older and potentially more powerful than the "PayPal mafia," according to a report.