ED: May The Games of Architect Intelligence (AI) be with you & Mother Earth's 8 billion beings & 1BnG & HAI .. breaking sept 2023 one of my fav 5 hours spent at university!!
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EE: Back in dad's teenage diary as navigator Allied Bomber Command Burma, a day headed ROM meant a friend's flight went missing. In 2023 ROM is politest term we can use for failure to help youth celebrate 73 years of research with von neumann on only good tech can save our species, and 36 years of world class brands architecture research round biggest decison makers started 1988 when dad restored from The Economist: on how bad media can destroy millennials futures. From the last articles we influenced in The Economist Trust has been the exponentially missing metric. Thanks to a chat with Von Neumann's daughter (who's advances for humanity would her dad have trusted most 2025-1950? EconomistDiary.com is launching a game Architect of Intelligence. Dare you play the most urgent cooperation game in sustainability goals hi-tech-trust-touch world?
ED dedication : To Architects Fazle Abed & Steve Jobs -who convened silicon valley's 65 birthday to Abed in 2001 giving 7 years of design foresight to why mobile digital network not seen in his 1984 launch of PC networking
INDUSTRIAL REV 260th GAMES-cards of sdg-gen
Uni2 :FFL*JOBS*DHgoog
welcome to AIsdgs.com where media designers help take down fake media wherever its wasting 8 billion peoples time

you may want to join economist dairy in 1951 when The Economist sub-ed  NM was seconded to NYPeinceton for year to listen to John Von Neumann design the number 1 journalism-for-humans quiz, Architecture of Intelligence (AI): it was agreed the most valuable scoop earthlings may e-vision = what goods can humans unite wherever celebrating early access to 100 times more tech per decade? - eg a billion times more 2015=1955

or back from future of 80 years of 2025report: join bard-solar express route 1843 to 2023-4-5: 1843 EconomistDiary.com under 30 queen victoria accepts Economist founder James Wilson help to start mapping commonwealth trading maps replacing britannia ruling all of asia waves round global market of englishmen's tea ; in 1859 victoria charters bank for Wilson to go design financial service for quarter of humans on india's subcontinent; after year 1 celebrations by most of the peopels, james dies of diarhea; it takes 112 years before former shell oil ceo educational intelligence empowers womens lesson plans round oral rehydration, 10 community business of goal 2 2 food, goal 3 health and 90% of the peoples trust in a regional bank for female generations to build nation

SDG 5  4  3   2  1  0 welcome to Asia and the top 5 sdgoals 50 years search scaling the most exciting collaborations women-led communities empower
ED soon after 2010 death of Von Neumann's first journalist of Architect Intelligence The Japan Ambassador to bangladesh hosted 2 brainstorming sessions- since 2001 Steve Jobs and Fazle Abed had united their support of net generations futures : would a moon of the top 30 cooperations visioned by 1billiongirls help bridge human intel until Steve Jobs gift of a university in phone (iphone 2007) might renew interest in man made engines blending human intelligence ... EconomistLearning.com from 2009 stanford's fei-fei li began the new entrereneurial revolution of pretraining computer visiosn (in about 10 different ways from science games deepmind, to 1000language games LLM , to object recognition of autonomous cars are ever needed, to nlp to literature veviews in real time of very covid publication to 2019 stanford hai inviting every human discipline grads spend time on to HAI ,,,,as pretraining of humans rose to 2015 hopes were that high that it was time to declare 17 cooperation dev goals and roadmapping of UN2 comprised of dynamic subystems of above zero-sum human networking. Bangladesh as deepest place branding of SDG5 celebrates being 52 years young in 2023 the 265th year of smithian moral sentiments at Abed's Alma mater Glasgow Universiity. Supporting hi-tech hi-trust Asian place winners include: singapore 2023; hong kong (22.1 Place winners 22.22022 ... Thailand2021 ..) . Abed was not just a world class civil engineer; he dedicated half a century until his death in December 2019 as servant leader. Aligned by HG Wells bon mots: civilisation is a race between education and catastrophe, Abed Bhai preferred to be seen as host of microeducationsummit not financiers summits: his gravitation purpose of 30 women empowered cooperations that of united refugees, villagers and civil societies in ENDING POVERTY. Fortunately for the worlds poorest new nation Bangaldesh 1971- Abed had networks like no other community leader. HIs friends' coop roadmapping reached out to intel vitalised by at least a billion village mothers in tropical inland asia where, a third of infants were dying of diarrhea before Abed's person to person networking became the best news ever chatted. Fro mid 1950s studies in Glasgow he spent nearly 13 years growing to be Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company's regional CEO. So his lifetime searches uniquely capitalised on what UK and Dutch Royal Societies (soon Japan Royals too) knew how to help end the poverty their colonial era had up to 1945 trapped the majority of humans world trade in. Simply put most Asian coastal belts link national borders defined by what these < a href="http://www.kc3.dev">3 kingdoms designed in to trading barriers over nearly half millennium. And which had made the English language that of world class engineering (digital age as well as pre-digital) So by 1970s these nations royal societies (including londons arts green-geographical, medicinie, science, architects ...) were happy that a grounded movement could link them into what they didnt fully know culturally or consciously. From 1970 on Abed linked in global village mapping like no one else - through these relationships and by designing business microfrachises not charity wherever possible for village women to own. To study with abed alumni is to join in the world's most cooperative empowering women movements for good as well as of childrens development.

Saturday, July 31, 2021

AI20s.com AI log Xmas 2022 ED: Most urgent search since start of 2023- anyone want to gamify how millennials free to play AI Games - urgent match with eg King Charles AI World Series since Nov 2023 and whether Soft landing in Paris can unite youth superstars of both celebrity and intel worlds; on plan z 6 months osaka expo in 2025 may be most important space for aiverygood gamesters as we breathe 2025's rare air - first imagined back in 1983 by our club of 2025report

EL: AI March Madness 2024: on hypothesis that Taiwan American Lisa & Jen-Zen are liberating humanity's greatest experiments with 150 million + transistor brain-engines: if there is a particular overlap of intel you see pls phone any east coast time +1 240 316 8157 Though resident in DC , NY and Valley on West Coast seem to me where good intel needs to AI remap millennials worlds. Just a Diaspora Scor.s visions of www. I am most interested in intergenerational exponential maths audits not short-term. I spent about 15 years 1990-2005 finding out this was opposite to purpose of PWG and other Big5 I worked with and sadly opposite to how EU has mapped intel. So I am often not popular but also able to give a different insight on any big decision project that has got stuck. I was first from 1988 to  publish how to value brand architecture partnerships and whether their unique purpose sustainable Chris www.economistdiary.com

Over my 50 years of working life i realise i have published far too much on my concerns with bad media and too little on good intelligence

i now vision that intelligence as the only chance us humans have of designing win-win trade for all 8 billion peoples. I'd like to change definition of education - how lifelong students and teachers improve each others intelligences as one and same system of communities spending humans time and data 

for my latest monthly updates on intelligence pls mail me chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk or text +1 240 316 8157

for media publications see EconomistDiary.com  last edition of 2025Report (now a 42 year old genre of imagineering what happens to gen3) or Usum or my books world class brands, brand chartering, co-author with Economist Norman Macrae the 2025 report genre; ; for journals see my guest editing triple issue journal of marketing managent 1999 on brand reality and the ever increasing need to combat fake media, or checkout another 50+ papers eg via academia.edu

Latest Chat with Gemini is also invitation to form linkedin Igroup Chips4all

postbag sept 2023 chrismacrae.com

EE:  UN sept2023 Hi and welcome to what 2 intelligences =you and I -  can see 1  2 - worlds toughest jobs 

-i am just from diaspora scot family tree and a mathematician :MA stats DAMTP Cambridge 1973. Corpus Christi with a focus on can we turn poor media and schools good; somewhere 100 times multipliers every decade of digital intelligence blended with humans exponentially determine all our futures -whilst my dad became von neumann's biographer and Economist generation NET (Neumann Eistein Turing) future history correspondent since 1951- my abilities are minor accept that worldclassbrands and universityofstars and worldclassLLM associates and i can usually go through data a board or vice chancellor says it has and work out whether it can actually see its unique purpose/consequences and partnership choices -in 1989 i invented/published genre brand architecture to mediate this specific system mapping skill- over 20 years ago i worked during most of 1990s at price waterhouse coopers trying to design maths of an opposite hi-trust or goodwill audit to 90 day monetary extraction ; while we found the maths the profession did not accept a 2nd audit; I expect your typical big finance clients wouldn't want me though i know various shades of chartered accounting groups who meet in new york to look at whether eg ai will suddenly change transparency of every biggest decision maker - if so who will be left on the goodwill exponential side side; accidentally i also worked fir 3 of the 5 biggest western ad agencies - in 1999 i was asked to review top 50 interviews of people then at arthur andersen- my valuation model said they would be worthless unless they changed but the agency wanted to sell in a 50 million dollar redesign of global corporate logo so my work was snuffed!

every year since worldrecirdjobs.com 2008 normanmacraefoundation has launched a small but deep journalism /data project - this college year 23-24 we welcome everyone wanting to gamify goodAI - start at AIgames.solar or EE or Friends20.com or mail chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if your web co-creates with sdg generation futures

i tend to roam from glasgow (adam smith schiolar/ethics journals of new economics and social business and affirdable community health maps and water angels risk foresight network) to washington dc though wherever  I can find space to share pro-youth visions i'd like to be near stanford or near UN or in any of heh asian cities that 60 trips since 1982 took me to starting with a decade unilever indonesia and other muslim womens markets for good

chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk +1 240 316 8157 AIGames

Diary home of NeumannEinsteinTuring's most valuable survey since 1951 ; what good will humans design and unite wherever enjoying first access to 100+times more tech every decade ?- eg trillion times moore silicon valley 2015-1955 

In gamification world, our simplest way of addressing this challenge is to imagine asking how brilliant exponential builders of one generation would rate today's or vice versa
 eg for 2023's quiz
 download this 4 page over-guide updates as 73rd celebration of dad first meeting von neumann princeton 1951...

our associates' number 1 maths passion is exponential trust-flow mapping  valuetrue.com, LLM play at www.bard.solar  and our training spaces include alumnisat.com and membership of NY led ED3dao and friend of NY"s most human media agency soundtracknewyork - we design exponential audits for those needing to intergenerationally sustain the most massively needed services amongst us 8 billion beings

hello i am Chris Macrae Dip Stats DAMTP Cambridge , a diaspora scot, septogenerian; i have mainly resided since 1997 in DC region where my daughter was born-I feel my best professional work has been done over 60 trips to asia where from my first journey in 1982, i was privileged to be involved in Harvard/Mit modeling of some of Unilever's largest ever national brand launches- starting with indonesia - allunilver projects apart from Japan were about needs of muslim mothers - lence my linked in handle unwomens and newsletter ed3envoyun.com 

 Miraculously south asian village mothers scaled aid2.0 and shared this with energy 0f 1billiongirls.com ;  it turned out were the deepest person to person networkers collaborating around life critical knowhow and desing microfranchise businesses for good -the generation from early teens up in 1972 ended extreme poverty of inland village families (taht mainly the English Empire had left out in designing the world around trading tea and which somehow the UN didn't really see until partners coordinated by Quadir family brought Bangla solar and mobile to late 1990s)  
across tropical asia where eg half of all infants used to die from 2 lack of access to 2 solutions - mass innoculation and oral rehydration) -both of these were  educational chalenges the wolutiosn wre very ow cost - oral rehydration depends on mixing boiled water sugar and salt in corectly recipe amounts) i have been on the net since 1994 when i published book on leading the most purposeful oragsaiytiosn or networks in the word; i have kept discussions going around same email chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk though many webs i volunteered co-editing eg eu knowledgeboard emotional intelligence were taken down very suddenly for reasons never explained to the volunteers (well i was told in 2004 that politicians gave us research on trust auditing because they fet their publics were not interested; they would revis this if 3 european enrins hapened in same year; by 2008 when subprime multipled even more damage than 3 enrons politivcal musical chairs hd forgotten their promise and si it was when web3/wifi was launcehd out of swizeralnd in 2009 digital media 2.0 was no more deeply human than digita 1.0 in its massive rush among 6 big western organsiations to suck up the most data (firtuantely there was another branch of humans designing Architecture of Intel
while i believe we face extinction if we dont connect UN goals now it has to be noted that in terms of poulation, locations of UN were chosen in very uneven geo-locations; thailand doesnt seem to me the most naural place to seve asia's two thirds of humanity in spite of its choice in 1947 (Bard SAYS) to host a United Nations (UN) office. The UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)

  design maths exponentials answers to questions like how would the following rate each others work in celebrating next generation's advancement aligned to mother nature's valuation of life on earth

here is my 73rd year learning curve  featuring people I belive 8 billion beings need to valeutru first; I am always searching for whom I don't know - we welcome nominatiosn at worldreordjobs.com

2016 Antonio Guterres OR Jim Kim OR Fazle Abed OR Steve Jobs (3 of these people design frabcsucan serice in every co-worker - the foutrh hist fazle abed 65th birthday party in 2001 -setc=ve wanted his last gtreat invention to celebrate deepest human connections of digital tech in ways that steve jobs1.0 the pc hadn't quite done).

By the way if you wish to substitute Dr Yunus - see goirlsworldbank before you join our diary yunusmooc.com (it took me 16 trips to undersatnd both of these amale angels contributions to poorest asians developing nations- if you love storytellers start with yunus; if you are trying to understand replicable community solutions thats why I got so cheered up after my aftehrs death when japan ambassador to bangaldesh invited me to listen to fazle abed's 65th birthday party wished hoisted by steve jobs family - they both committed to connectnggraduate age studenst to build futures that elders with minds designed by expoentual lower trajectirues literally cant inagine designing cooperation around  exp videos 2008 2016 2020

The NET my afther Norman soent a yera 1951 seconded to NYPrinceton by The eEonomist to pretrain with Neumann and his friend Einstein Turing -what had they invenetd - which were the SWOT (especially expoential Opportunities/Threats) of their legacy - neumann boiled this dow to 4 cupport UN with all of its crises; celebrate the most human energy scientists; celebrate digital engineers linked to9 deepest needs of communities; design win-win maps of trade

Dad had spoent his lst dys as a teenager so Neumann's questions echoed with his understanding of adam smith and a condition of dad's employment at The Economist was he passd an iq test on the centenary biography if the purpose started 1943 by founder of The economist Janes Wilson and his 20something female supporter Queen Victoria -c ould emoire be transfomred into commonwealth

Its importamt to understand a handful of englisg words - artificial when applied to engines means man made - it was first coined in this sense in earky 19th century when brits who had designed engines to amplify physical power asked could engines be designed to amplify analytical power; by 1865 physical power included trasportaiin powere meaning cities would become expoenetialllly more populous than rural and lectricity had somehow becomin a bridge - it powred physical engines; it supported architeccts desin interconnectin cities; and it gave birth to the first worldwide communications scetir the telegraph; frm 1865 switezerland became the epicentre of mass coooperation/coms industries which turned out to be both good and bad (2 world wars); if this is where humans had got to in designing machines there was a very serious chalenge to mediat - which von neumann called the survey of what good will people unite when accessing at least 100 times more tech per decade; by 1965 that was 100*100 perdecade for the people epicented around the town spavniards had named st clare (patron of community health) and its link to stnfird (founded to calue all teh states chldren when the family's only sone had died in his teens of water born disease contacted on the family's visit to Rome); there was 100 times more analytical capacity of programable chips which had leapt firward according to god=rdon moore's law when a japanese calculatir manufacturer had given intel its largest ever order; alsomot the same time the tokyo olu=ympics demonattaed the power of satellites to briadcast though i have always been most interested in intel exhnages between every gps which staellites do at almost no cost once the infarstructure is invested in)


EconomistDiary.com 4 may 2023

upd may 2023 - US public submissions Gen AI

AI Submission By Diarists of John Von Neumann and The Economist since 1951
contact chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Washington DC region +1 240 316 8157

When my father Norman met Von Neumann in 1951, during a year in NewYork-Princeton, a list of 4 intergenerational challenges were envisioned as most deeply determining humanity's future.

 It is true that both men had been lucky to survive world war 2 (dad served as a teenage navigator allied bomber command Burma) and this may have shaped their priorities. One of these had clearly been assigned to the UN and the innovation of multilateral system design. 

Three drivers that Von Neumann suggested needed to be constantly and transparently questioned as the legacy of his peer mathematicians were:
Above Zero Sum Trade Models -eg life critical knowhow can multiply value in application unlike consuming up things
Energy "which will make scientists both the most hated and wanted of experts"
By the 21st C even more exponential opportunity and threats will be mapped around intelligence connecting hardware, software and brain science.

(These priority goals can be verified with John's surviving daughter Marina if required)

Von Neumann suggested that Economist journalists blend that discipline with AI curiosity by adopting the leadership interview question: what good can peoples unite wherever they are first to access more than 100 times more tech per decade? The Economist editor Geoffrey Crowther agreed and so AI curiosity was integral to The Economist's evolution as early viewspaper of globalisation and changing livelihoods of future entrepreneurship www.normanmacrae.net

Given this 73 year viewpoint, we can hypothesise that AI  can now either help solve or destroy the capacity of mother earth to host our species at the 8-10 billion beings level

Double Loop Vision -pictured at timeless co-blog economistsocial.com


To clarify ways forward for GenAI, we suggest tracking how (Generative) AI spends peoples times in 3 main ways; and how it spend their money in 3 ways.

I have spent most of my professional life on the time spent loop which we construct around education, media and what data science mathematicians are assigned to maximise societal harmony -at a foundation level these are the markets that most determine SDGs 1-5. I have monitored this arena because in 1984 I supplied the likely digital innovation timelines to the book 2025 Report co-authored with father- reviewed here by The Economist's former science editor Viscount Matt Ridley Death of a great optimist - Matt Ridley

Unfortunately, as the West transformed from mass tv world through digital webs 1 and 2 - education was not priortised over very short term commercial media. We could say that Berners Less assumed web1 was educational but by late 1990s all the top webs searchable were commercial. Then entering web2 era a handful of commercial giants sucked up all data eg MAFAG Microsoft Apple Facebook Amazon Google as well as players in their spaces which they mainly took over. This is the opposite to the entrepreneurial revolution survey Economist Xmas 1976 dad published in his 25th year of applying Neumann's questions tp Economist reports.

FIRST PLEASE CELEBRATE EXCITING NON MEDIA VERSIONS OF GENERATIVE AI. eg Deep learning Alphafold has probably advanced biotech by a million human years of time by open sourcing the proteins database. 

Secondly. there are dozens of experiments going on at Stanford HAI. Adam Smith scholars might even say that those who change AI generatively around the moral sentiments exemplar of Fei-Fei Li have kept a different web2 open to that of the MAFAG. In any event, if the world is to unite in leaping forward from covid how media and tech are meta-designed in next few years leaves everything to play for.

My suggestion would be to make sure generative aiforgood catalogues are celebrated as almost a different exercise than the debate over what to do with eg chatgpt and bard. The world's biggest digital orgs have now being using chats on their own private data for a decade so bots are undeniably powerful. I would train 5th grade teachers immediately in uses teens up will need to make good. Fir example if a group like khan academy adds a plug in so that  students have their owns skills dashboard and digital personal assistant that will have returned education to supporting millennial livelihoods as described in our 1984 book. see also www.ed3dao.com

My provisional understanding is any plug-in to a tool like CGPT changes what you get. Currently CGPT cuts off at Fall 2021 making plug-in choice essential for anyine who is future-oriented. I am not technically qualified to know whether some plugins can be designed to stop particular misuses

At the end of the day,. maths is being applied both to for better and for worse worlds. Over-regulation would likely slow down the for good while the illegal will continue to multiply harm
Of course, as soon as you get to more specific contexts . recursive analysis of the role of public service and regulation should be energised as http://www.ai.gov appears to have started doing.

Overall I see controversy over chatgpt as a bit of a red herring. Its not the proven reason for good AI such as aforementioned leap into proteins. And rather than reinvent the wheel, the guard rails which Stanford Hai seems to be building look smart to me.

more info? chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Wash DC NY Glasgow... 

Richard has 30+ years in Ops of major boston and wall street financial institutions and has startup issuing  new 

electronic identityforgood - inter alia john has 45 years connecting society and stakeholders of MIT, PBS and  new york's leading recording studio for good flatiron Soundtrack New York ; peter has over 40 years of chartered accountancy from PWC to Africa and beyond;; 

cheers  +1 240 316 8157   http://www.economistgames.com 
Possible topics for meeting

topic 1 - do we know how to contact top people responsible for refugees?

another topic2 floated by representatives of Guterres top team (preparation for 2024 unga being millennials global forum) from march 20 is: what if UN2 resolved its funding crisis by world agreeing 1/10000 tax on all financial transactions put at about 3000 trillion dollars annually -source chatgpt4

more details::

this would have been centenary year of my father   http://www.normanmacrae.net   who met von neumann 73 years ago and became The Economist's  neumann ai for good interviewer - i have tried in small ways mainly in Asia to understand and contribute to his work for last 48 years. This goes back to Xmas 1976 survey Entrepreneurial Revolution The Economist Xmas day 1976 year 25 of Neumann survey what goods can unite peoples with 100 times more tech per decade - s

sadly along with political macroeconomics all adjectival entrepreneur movements since then have diluted trust in  the main system transformation conflict mapping with coming globalisation, media and digitalisation my father was most concerned with

Guterres has arranged a new points person Guy Ryder previously geneva ILO for brainstorming out of this world views like this - I expect its John and Richard who have contacts in boston and amongst mathematicans and women empowerment designers who could come up with a few concepts to that what if - how does identity for good come into that . WE also have quite a lot of connections through hong kong and some in singapore if relevant. These places have different way of gamifying and designing the metaverse which might be connected to crypto for good

While there are a handful of NY people like Guy Ryder who are identifiable in guterres top team - I myself dont have the ability to get a meeting with them. However it could be timely because if Banga previously Indian leader of Mastercard is appointed to the world bank having something team guterres can discuss with Banga would be valuable
chatgpt4-   Yes, the total value of all financial transactions around the world in a year is much larger than the value of transactions that occur on stock exchanges. Financial transactions include not only equity trades but also other types of transactions such as bond trading, currency trading, and derivatives trading, among others. According to a report by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the total value of financial transactions worldwide in 2020 was estimated to be approximately $2,914 trillion USD, which is more than 28 times the value of transactions that occurred on global stock exchanges in the same year. It's worth noting that this figure includes both exchange-traded and over-the-counter (OTC) transactions.

2022 is my 50th year of earning MA Statistics at the UK's leading maths lad DAMTP. As a maths guy, I try to help people see systems-good stuff in numbers that they haven't yet seen. In the context of orgabsaitions or partnership networks- trust and unique purpose are ultimately what make an organsiation better (round purspoe and pride of its emplotyyes and theor learning passions- we clarified this in a triple special issue of juournal of marketing magement I edited in 1999 after more than a decade helping 2 professors from mit and havrad colect a databank of what societies most wanted from compaines new product processes and beter for humasns - getting bigger is not relevant (except that if you are the graviating more good around your purpose than any otehr system you dont want to get taken over by someon bigger)

There are now 9 building pieces that I might help people checkers their numbers purspoe around. Some of tehsde come from my father's work- in 1951 dad met vn neumman amd asked hum tp help make the biggest scoop in ecvonomic jouranlism - what goods can leople iunite around next leap in 100 tike more technology (whicvh is likely to happen every decade through my life time)

So while I havent always used this terminolgy in line with open sustainability UN alumni I like looking at nubers wchic help map several of the following

aiforgood and trust/safety

global connectivity and human rights

public goodd and digital coppoeration (ie everyhing tecahers and students of younger half of teh wprld needf to act and lear)

digotal capacity biilding (ie everything elder half neds to act & learn) and inclusion


how about organsiaing a free 30 minute zoom or whats app + 1 240 316 8157 chrisd.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

glagow wash dc falt iron ny hong knog and various asian associates


With an MA in Statistics Cambridge DAMTP, This is my 50th year working on media and mediating humanity's deepest goals - a concern of 4 generations of Diaspora Scots on both sides of my family tree. I live in Bethesda. I am on the editorial board of 2 Adam Smithian Journals out of Glasgow University - New Economics, Social Business.

Is there someone in your team who might be interested in discussing any of the following as well as sharing any collaboration projects you value?

I am looking for a co-author (2) to update final edition of 2025report- first editions were co-authored from 1984 with my father, Norman Macrae, The Economist's sub-editor of worldwide sustainability.
As a sole author I published Brand Chartering with The Economist Intelligence Unit- a new genre in search of design, learning organisation , auditing and futurising valuation of Exponentially Purposeful Leadership and partnerships (particularly those in educational transformation as digital media defined new millennium opportunities and threats)

Dad had met Von Neumann in Princeton 1951 and was encouraged to use the journalistic scoop- ask responsible local and global leaders what will they do with 100 times more tech per decade or million times more per inter-generation 30 years;  my father called this genre future history and entrepreneurial revolution, terms he coined in The Economist from 1968 and later partnered with such innovators as James Naisbitt and J Gifford Pinchot as well as more generally with Peter Drucker and Ezra Vogel.
There are 2 biographies of von Neumann one new- one written by dad; 
with Marina von Neumann my friends and family aim to survey AI Hall of fame - if Johnny was alive today who would he hope educators were linking in youth as first sustainability generation

Since 1982 when I consulted for Unilever Asia Pacific region (staring in Indonesia) for 14 years I have been to Asia over 50 times on projects including being the main coordinator of an MIT database on Societies' market needs.(What now is the S of ESG) . Today I am most energised in benchmarking new media projects out of Asia (65% of human beings) - topmost currently Home - beingAI   whose goals for humanising the metaverse are my number 1 search and inspiration  ( http://www.beeings.app  )

Following dads poverty alleviation interests as Keynesian I am also particularly interested in billion Asian women empowerment having visited Bangladesh 16 times interviews mobilising women4empowerment - www.unwomens.com 

sincerely chris macrae Bethesda mobile/whatsapp +1 240 316 8157

so many things i want to do in 2022 but cant unless connect with likeminded action people

 have a look at me at

lunchclub https://lunchclub.com/member/50a1a6657a07

linkedin unwomens

or some my webs www.abedmooc.com www.teachforsdgs.com   www.economistdiary.com 

if you see collaborations you want to be part of i am at chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

actually live near washington dc but try to work anywhere else!

Friday, July 30, 2021

 My father thought Neumann was probably the most under-biographed person relevant to the future so of course its great you've added to the field

There are some particular messages that I see as urgent - perhaps we could see if there are some we agree on

when i was at DAMTP in 1972 I used to hope that after von neumann's experience the most dangerous thing that could happen to a mathematician was getting run over by steve hawkins wheel chair -in those days the corridors of mill street were narrow and 15 mph wheelchairs were a menace

unfortunately it would appear that maths failure to map exponential systems is likely to make our grandchildren extinct

there was for example nothing that I could see  about understanding what adam smith neumann or indeed james wilson were actually about(at a distance) from cop26  or the way the g8 have failed to confront covid ahead of time ever month since dec 2019

covid is a much better metaphor than an amazon butterfly flying its wings for the double exponential crisis of being ever more communally hyperconnected but ever more ruled by top-down   legislators who have not modelled einstein's warning that man's science (and media) is a s fake as its macro levels of measurement 

although almost every discipline needs a translated one pager who what 1950s maths actually mapped, here are the foci that I argue with people every day on - and while i try and argue with optimism , urgency is now needed

1 ESG's - I do have an ESG-focused friend who is probably japans elder of finance in new york - he would be where I'd start with neumann and ESGs because dads bio only got translated into japanese a few months ago-or perhaps at MIT one could interest someone like joi ito; I assume the person at stanford is jerry hang as he was also the connector of sustainable ecommerce from 1995 with japans  maso son (one o9f the huge optimistic mistakes dad and I made in our 1984 2025 report is we timelined emergence of worldwide web but had expected the learning version of that to be identifiably separate from ad and fake media versions- of course we got that wrong for the west - which together with 65% of people being asian is why new world order is our last chance politically imo)  

2 neumann and sdgs - are you still in touch with eg malloch brown - now leading  open society foundation but i believe the editor of the millennium goals back in 2000 - from 2015 the sdgs have at least one fatal systems error in them from my bottom-up viewpoint

3 humanising AI whatever that means - (by AI I mean the convergence of all technologies but increasingly where data streams in from every gps -real -time op systems that can only be governed by artificials - but which will be fatal if their data isnt micro enough)

4 in what i see as the real (bottom-up and open system natural) world of ending poverty (human development) the joint mission of wilson and queen victoria - the japan ambassador to bangladesh invited me on fathers death to interview sir fazle abed every year until his death- over 50 years bangladesh and chinese village women were the core bottom billion to end poverty - while the wya they financed this was different- the village solutions that needed replication rice not to starve. oral rehydration, vaccination, much smaller family sizes so women could run businesses were open sourced; some of the collaborations abed wanted to be his legacy have gone missing since his death in dec 2019 and with covid starting at the sasme time

i would like to discuss those filed at www.abedmooc.com - or just one of them; namely abed wanted 100 asian universities to share their female sdg graduates instead of keeping them in separate alumni groups- if you like a schwarzman girls adgs scholars;; getting that to happen hasnt been easy even though the vice chancellor headhunted for vbrac university saw the vice chancellor  of princeton the week before xmas

does it help to be introduced to brac university vice chancellor

unfortunately I am in washington dc and not likely to be in london in forseeable future; i actually am most hopeful of regaining wilsonian common sense in new york of all american spaces;  is there a way to map where people meet in new york to advance the missing system ideas that I assume we are talking about - sustainability and esg goals multiply  expoenentials - for 30 yeras now I have argued with the global accountants that they dont audit that

have you been in touch with von neumann's family? do you think bloomberg and micklethwait understand the systems urgency?

cheers chris mob/whatsapp + 1 240 316 8157

oh yes - do you engage with anyone using industrial rev 4 or society 5.0 language - in my view we needed to define IR3 as all above zero sum economic models- so for example life critical learning networks multiply value in application unlike consuming up things; by not connecting neumanns 100 times more tech per decade with above zero sum compasses (health , nature being other compasses) we have made last chances very hard

 Dear Scott - would it be practical to chat to member of your team about 2 updates? On my side I visited bangladesh 15 times after my father's Death (dad norman had been the economist's end poverty sub-editor). Japan's ambassador kindly introduced me to sir fazle abed and after 15 trips with young journalists we have tried to file www.abedmooc.com - reviewing 30 collaboration platforms sir fazle hoped his partnership legacy would continue. Also yesterday I was speaking to mutual contact shaina magrone- she reminded me of the urgent need to try to kickstart social business among young black americans. I accompanied dr yunus to 6 stateswide sb competition challenges mainly in HBUC states; and now I know Shaina and have long been inspired by rev al hathaway (the deep thurgood marshall community in baltimore) I think its time to have another go at that. I am in n bethesda +1 240 316 8157 - best chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

Thursday, July 29, 2021


I believe the purpose of education has become our last chance of returning millennials to being the sustainability generation

Since 9/11, I have spent about half my working time searching for system r4esolving solutions. For example, being mainly London-based to 2005, I helped Paul Komesaroff host the first Global Reconciliation Network event in 2003 with Mary Robinson as Keynote speaker. I then attended GRN Delhi in 2004. In 2004, I also helped host some Brazilian delegates to the European Social Forum 2004 particularly those concerned with water as a human right which Bula was supporting.

Also, for 3 years I was volunteer special interest group editor of European Knowlegdbeoad.com. My designated interest was emotional intelligence; of the 9 other special interest groups, our dialogues were closely associated with the NGO interest group. It was during this time that we started to form a club of collaboration cities aimed at celebrating each others cultures: leading participants were Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam. We also started to parametrize why water poses so many different challenges to sustainability in different parts of the world – this could be a suitable way of building collaboration mapping networks that a virtual community space and its connections with the European Union’s elearning goal. It was during this work that I heard more and more Europeans talking about microcreditsummit and millennium goals.

In 2005, London Year of Make Poverty History, I was on the board of the Simultaneous Policy (simpol.org) delegated to attend monthly events connecting leaders of UK foundations. Unfortunately, much of the momentum of this year collapsed with the 7/7 terror attack, and personally I lost one of my 5 main mentors.

My wife had needed to move to the University of Maryland for her career, so from 2006 I became more and more interested in Bangladesh and Asian women empowerment; initially by making contact with Sam Daley-Harris in Washington DC. My family first helped Dr Yunus connect his social business book launch between London and East Coast US Cities. But after my second trip to Bangladesh, I realized I wanted to write up notes on what was then the 40 years of Sir Fazle Abed’s work on poverty alleviation. I was surprised at the first 3-hour brainstorming session with Sir Fazle Abed- the topic why not microeducationsummit instead of microfinance summit. Brac was by now nearing recruitment of its 100000th employee culturally connected around Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

Abed went on to explain how platform building of partnerships involved two very different quarter of a century. From 1970 to 1995, all village connections were person to person or print. From 1996, Brac internet, and soon the opportunity to develop universities, as platforms changed the future partnerships, he could linkin. But always his focus was ending Colonial Era heritage of linearly examined education. Brac had from the outset started with adults’ jobs training. By the time Abed started Brac University in 2001, there was one last schools’ development process to design: playschools. Typically, of Abed he saw this as an opportunity to start designing a format that dozens of countries could join in – BRAC University pioneered the first MA in playschools in Asia if not the world.

It is, of course, peculiar to those who value education that it was as late as 2011 that the world’s first global education laureates were launched due to the extraordinary vision of First Lady of Qatar Sheikha Moza. She was already developing women’s education city campus, and seized the opportunity to leverage the location of the country’s conference center to celebrate both WISE education laureates and WISH health laureates. Her and Sir Fazle’s movements fitted perfectly – at least until the blockade of Qatar when Qatar Foundation lost its role as official UN hub for all refugee education networks.

There is much urgent work to be done if education is to be valued as much by future place leaders as economics. There is no network as well suited as TeachForAll to continue the legacy Sir Fazle’s half century and empowerment of billion Asian women has grounded.