invites you to action network Glasgow University's 3 most important alumni of SUSTAINABILITY GENERATION Adam Smith James Watt, FAZLE ABED of include:
  • U Last Mile Health

  • U Early Childhood

  • U finance to end poverty

  • women empowerment uni of triple-win economics- end poverty*expand middle class*go green
INDUSTRIAL REV 260th GAMES-cards of sdg-gen
diary: next UN sdg-games
250th year review of moral sentiments and industrial revolution

green economics- the younger hal of the world's only hope
welcome to lifelong action learning on ending poverty, celebrating health #AIforgood (glasgow's 260th year of first engineer james watt & first IR economist adam smith): growing green:
America's john kerry: glasgow november is humanity's last best chance next un zoom -2021 year of living dangerously close to extinction -
THANKS be TO Glasgow U alumn fazle abed- small may be beautiful but in ending poverty, large scale coalition empowering women community building is asks how many 1 billion dollar sdg investments a year can women empowerment coalitions inspire: brac bangladesh billion dollar microfinance loans ; abed ultra poor billion dollar grants a year; bkash billion dollar cashless banking for poor ; brac bank billion dollar youth engagement and sme city bank; billion dollars of lowest cost remittances; billion dollar investments in each of 5 ages of schooling ; billion dollar vaccine empowering poorest families grants ; 10 agricultural value chains whose crop sxcience and ai data is networked around poorest asian farmers...

Thursday, January 1, 1970

the 1960s were thefirst decade of telecom satellites and mission impoossible moon races, the first time anyone had promised 100 times moore analytic decade until a 5 dollar silicon chip emulated the switching capacity of the human brain, the first time asians rejoiced in smarter engineering thanks to deming, thefirst time agri scientists found solkutions for feeding a billion people otherwise cloest to starvation- given so much to explore isnt it time to go beyond mens liberal arts

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Stemming from the Latin word 'liberalis. ' meaning “appropriate for free men,” a liberal arts education was a course of study considered essential for free citizens of Greece and Rome. In the minds of the ancient Greeks and Romans, a liberal arts education was necessary for a human being to be free.Oct 11, 2019

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grinders of world unite after nov 2020?

i filled in your questionnaires - here is some additional context - there is a difference between my profession statistician since 1973 ma cambridge university department applied maths and physics- where i have mainly worked for big corporates on transnational global brand identity especially east-west and the driving passion of myself and father norman macrae who sub-edited the economist for the first 45 years after world war2- we both assumed that only edutech could develop an sdg generation - from 1984 on we wrote books on that eg the 2025 report- i had wanted to tour the world in 2020-1 tenth anniversary of dads death as i had in 2010-11 particularly poorest nations like bangladesh which i have visited 15 times- with covid i cant do that- at and 30 geonomic co-blogs i am slowly developing a card game of the 52 people students and teachers might want to become alumni of if livesmatter in reconnecting the post covid world- there is an empty montgomery county conference center 1 minute away from where i live operated by marriott and probably the 3rd richest county in usa- thats where i suggested grinding out of but if you already have some other plan for helping youth celebrate a new usa from november i am more interested in connecting than representing any one location

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