INDUSTRIAL REV 260th GAMES-cards of sdg-gen
diary: next UN sdg-games
250th year review of moral sentiments and industrial revolution

green economics- the younger hal of the world's only hope
welcome to lifelong action learning on ending poverty, celebrating health #AIforgood (glasgow's 260th year of first engineer james watt & first IR economist adam smith): growing green:
America's john kerry: glasgow november is humanity's last best chance next un zoom -2021 year of living dangerously close to extinction -
THANKS be TO Glasgow U alumn fazle abed- small may be beautiful but in ending poverty, large scale coalition empowering women community building is asks how many 1 billion dollar sdg investments a year can women empowerment coalitions inspire: brac bangladesh billion dollar microfinance loans ; abed ultra poor billion dollar grants a year; bkash billion dollar cashless banking for poor ; brac bank billion dollar youth engagement and sme city bank; billion dollars of lowest cost remittances; billion dollar investments in each of 5 ages of schooling ; billion dollar vaccine empowering poorest families grants ; 10 agricultural value chains whose crop sxcience and ai data is networked around poorest asian farmers...

IR43210-four industrial revolutions have emerged since
1760 when 2 scots watt and smith began IR1 the age of humans and machines focusing first on machine energy/power way beyond that of horse and man-
since 1957 - thanks to legacy of john von neumann- it has been possible to map ut 5 types of economies with 2 new ones IR3, IR4 being added by alumni of von neumann;
in between IR2 -telecoms revolutions started to scale when scot alexander bell offered americans first opportunity tp scale telephones across a continent .. soon telegrams and phones were being supplemented by radio, then television - then satellite telecoms which was to mobilise personal and societal devices; whilst IR4 has accelerateds as the most valuable games human livelihoods ever played from late 2000s both with unprecedented data connecting worldwide human decision-making and by then over a billion times more computing power than had coded moon landing- while the monetary rise may focus ever more on ir4;
nonetheless sustainability's last chance in 2020s depends on integration starting from IR0-
in 2021 half a billion asian women celebrated having lifted a billion out of the most extreme poverty -under a dollar a day- it is their work that needs to be included in the way millennials understand mother earth if they are to be the first sustainability generation.
300 trillion dollars of pension funds not one cent invested in sdgswashington dc last soft power debate before covid lockdown
goal 3- market last mile health
*oral rehydration & cholera
*village door to door non-prescription plus search
*vaccination services
*other tropical

goal 2 -last mile market human energy eg water , milk, rice, one vitamin veggie are essential to rural life
*other veggie
*cash/green agriculture: tea, silk, forrestry, cold storage

goal 1 relevant village financing essential if local entrepreneurs to scale positive incomes beyond endless charity:
microfranchising models completely change aid - grants only for demonstrable capacity- bottom up trust investment
ultra grad- pre mf
sme citizen bank
remittances part of brac internatioal
cashless banking ppor bkash
goal 4 livelihood action learning needed at every age group -both students and teachers:
interactions between every age group primary
early or pre-adolescence

the archives of fazle abed - collected by friends - have we missed a keynote lecture rsvp

community resiliency is needed both to be ready for climate challenges, legal protection eg where more powerful citizens dump waste on poorer, and so that underclasses do not exst- if any demographic is exluded from productivity sustainability is impossible to generate .................
brac began with building for 100000 refugees - 16000 homes at under$2 per home- eg village males built own homes- from then on, brac raised livelihoods of women from close to 0% to 100% -in parallel china wasa undergoing women hold up half sky revolution- consequently village women empowered to swap solutions -ultimately ending extreme poverty of billion rural people over 45 year period
barefoot lawyers
initial sanitation design pit latrines-
by building 100000 regional lab as early as 1972- brac could test service concepts -and then scale across all 60000+ villages -fast with life saving action learning eg oral rehydration, vaccines - as steadily as investment trust could scale moicrofranchieses of positive cashflow village mothers businesses- overall brac's servant leasership model scaled faster than top down goverment which at time of indeoenence had barely any tax revenue and few engineering skilled people matching abed's 10 years experience which had seen him rise as engineer to region ceo of royal dutch shell oil company
asia rising survey's from The Economist - norman macrae
7 May 1977 survey Two Billion People- Asia ..1975 Asian Pacific Century 1975-2075 1977 survey China

join the forums of friends of worlds record job's sir fazle abed abed reported economist asia rising 1975-77- two uniquely asian models -belt capital roadsters and rural keynianism have sustianed rise of 70% of humans who are asian -because of western empires vast majority of people on asian continent had been left out of first industrial revolutions - not being on electricity grids they were left out of both ir1 carbon powers industrial revolution and ir2 telecoms revolution ; by 1960 japan korea south and far east islands had recovered from world war 2 - they linked in the roadster model and from 1972 bangladesh became the worlds open lab for rural keynes while from 1976 china became a rural girls networker as well as multipier of the radster model- so the purest models of how half a billion women ended extreme poverty come from bangladesh coalitions but the biggest rise come from how china multiplied both models on a contiental scale
latest news from 50 college coalition for sdgs events next past -access learning curves of educational revolutionaries ABC - Abed, Botstein, Crow ... Soros what do sdg-youth want to learn from & celebrate actionably with new york & UN & nature's borderless goals for human wellbeing? tours 10......

,close encounters:
of healthy kind, of servant leader kind, of food security, of education kind, of credit kind, of solar kind, of other machine intel kind

afore ye go global with tech, value 4 humansAI system gravities
bullseye poverty; red community/family-sustaining goals 2-6
blue tradefor sdgs channel goals 7-12; 13-16 green revolution - not seen humansai : triangularise collaboration exponentials public, private by youth

edu as if all teens lives matter- see maps brooklyn, rest ny suburbs, rest ny state
health beyond covid with cuomohealth with bloomberg-hopkinshealth with james grant global school of vaccines and health
young scholars of us's number 1 monetary economist and philanthropist soros- economist for sdgs, global performing arts & fashions, multilingual youth ambassadors, twin city special vienna, dhaka:women's world's number 1 ngo coalition, berlin, palestine
global investment funds - soros:global board- deep data for every society and climate: bloomberg, blackstone, schwarzman
action-learning networks of ban ki-moon, jim kim, & antonio guterres
- schwab links unga with 5 hubs of industrial rev 4 - san fran, tokyo, beijing delhi, geneva as well as world economics davos winter and world innovation champions china summer and 400 global youth shapers hubsfall priority young journalism briefs- chennai bay and carribean for america's most powerful woman

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PETER THIEL startup stanford germany

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Peter Andreas Thiel is a German-American billionaire entrepreneur and venture capitalist. ... Thiel enrolled in Stanford Law School and earned his Doctor of ...
Board member of‎: ‎Facebook
Political party‎: ‎Republican
Net worth‎: ‎US$2.3 billion (2019)
Education‎: ‎Stanford University‎ (‎BA‎, ‎JD‎)
Nov 27, 2017 - Read Andrew Granato's cover story for the November 2017 issue of Stanford Politics Magazine.
Dec 11, 2015 - ... as well as investor Peter Thiel (who worked with Musk at PayPal). ... like Geoff Hinton and Andrew Ng (who work with Google and Baidu ...
Jul 25, 2018 - Venture capitalist Peter Thiel has returned to teach a class at Stanford University, according to a listing spotted by Stanford graduate Andrew ...
Lecture notes from Peter Thiel's Stanford class, “CS183: Startup”](
Blake Masters is Chief Operating Officer at Thiel Capital, President of The Thiel Foundation, and co-author, with Peter Thiel, of Zero to One. He went to Stanford ...
Nov 2, 2018 - Peter Thiel owes it all to Silicon Valley. The Stanford lawyer-turned-PayPal founder rose to unimaginable riches on the internet boom.
Andrew Yan-Tak Ng is a businessman, computer scientist, investor, and writer. ... In Zero to One, legendary entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel shows how we ...
Nov 30, 2017 - Peter's Thiel's network from the Stanford Review is older and potentially more powerful than the "PayPal mafia," according to a report.

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towards cases composing an sdg curriculum

please help us with goal by goal lessons 

 goal 17 partners youth triangularuses private public partnership pop 2.0 - preferential option poor includes priortising how can each leap in tech apply to poorest going post-colonial-

 the first 185 years of glasgow uni's man and machines (first engineer james watt, first ethical economic mapping adam smith) ended in 2 world wars- the age of empires had failed to exclude eg access to electricity bgrids to over three quarters including continental asians majority of humans, and the south; 

the birth of the united nations san francisco opera house 1945- 5 extraordinary technologies mainly innovated by americans before 1960 -three tech advances closely connected with hungarian american john von neumann- father of programable computer, rapid development in communications media - tv satellite telecoms, space: nuclear- plus deming's transformation of the quality of being an engineering worker plus borlaug's leaps in village food security without which probably a billion would have starved over a billion asians mothers empowered their sons and daughter development beyond poverty aid needed changing from top down government bureaucratics to direct skills/cash transfers and wherever possible microfranchising village businesses with positive cashflow-- 

- economist survey rural keynesianism reports solutions shared by villagers in bangladesh and south china-- the 50 year curriculum of this 2020-1970 is most simply benchmarked round the solutions catalogue of fazle abed - so we try to comment on his solutions linked to the very poorest as well as others solutions

million-killer events -extreme poverty where life expectancy is in the 40s not the sixties or more
fazle abed experienced four and half events that were killing a million people each i his homeland during the 1970s
1 cyclone 1970 - probably the most concentrated cyclone on human record that killed a million people all around him in a week or so
2war of independence and displacement of peoples along religious lines 1971
3 famine 1974's was the biggest the region had seen
4 up to a third of children dying before the age of 5 - either due to diarrhea or not having enough nutrition during the first 100 days
4.5 many times more mothers dying of childbirth than other countries

if your places average life expectancy has not reached at least the 60s -due to these or other reasons you observe - then resilient community building to change this comes first - it connects all 6 goals together with disaster preparedness which in places without access to electricity requires urgent word of mouth networking as well as cultural/skills preparedness

jim kim whose life has been dedicated to health of the poorest until his 6 year stint at the world bank has made it very clear- national economic growth plans are not worth the paper they are written on if any of these basic human development structures are not in place- in other words health safe societies generate strong economies not vice versa

what brac did from year 2 of the new nation of bangladesh was identify health and nutrition including rehdration solutions that every rural family needed to apply- the capacity of community health turned out to be smething only vilagemothers could offer requiring both adult education programs eg every mother knowing how to rehydrate an infant with fever caused by diaarthea,  and wherever possible microfranchising positove cashflo family business- rice and other local agricultural solutions. a village para health franchise where mothers could make a living from 10 most hasin solutions of infant/maternal health

you can see that all of goals 2 hunger 3 health 4 education 5 changing the culture valuing womens productivity as much as men, 6 sanitation need skilled solutions and to build these finance designed for the poorest village women of bangladesh and asia needed invention of its own banking and bottom up grant systems

goal 1 poverty
the total system of allocating credit/money needs transformation wherever the extreme poverty of the type illustrated above occurs; there is a back from the future element to this- when new technologies eg solar as a leap beyond historic electricity grids, mobile as a leap beyond wired telecoms landed on mother earth, partnerships designing poorest applications needed to be prioritised; becausse sir fazle abed had risen in his twenties and early thirties to be regional ceo of royal dutch shell oil company he was always questioning timing for such possibilities though as we can see the first half of his 50 years of empowering rural womens networks brac 1072-1976 literally connected person to person training and support systems

while listing of goal solutions makes sense chronologically for goal 2-6, it may help every financier to see they have sustainability lessons to connect with abed's knowledge to describe the back from the future financial system abed had built by his death in 2019

partners of bkash brac's digital cash for the unbanked system early 200s to 2019 - bill gates has clarified he sees this as emerging as the most populous system serving over a billion unbanked

ultra a grant and apprentice system for the very poorest before they use financial services - started in bangladesh international partnership have extended to 8 countries and the overall method won the nobel economics proze 2019
 rural microfiance plus- the village circle system started by brac in the late1970s as soon as tens of thousands of mothers were operating village microfranchises- almost all of which had through fazle abed innovations redesigned the whole value chain of a market to value the productivity as well as empowerment of village mothers
from late 1990s city bank- funding small enterprises in cities from savings of daughters and sons who as second generation had moved from village o city
various forms of merchant banking for the poor not the least remittances- up to a third of bangladesh's income comes from diaspora remittances- brac international hq in netherlands seeks to help design the lowest cost remittance to village system as well as intercae development partners which has turned brag into the lathest ngo partnership in the world

 has long been anticipated as a transformational opportunity beyond any traps that paper money inadvertently or deliberately spun
latest un update sept 2020 - over 4 years digital task force has consulted wizards from 30 nations such as melinda gates and jack ma - all sorts of ai finance ideas are being piloted including sme stockmarket in one african country; its commonly agreed that the most scaleable solution for up to a billion unbanked is connecting partners of fazle abed; however each digital market offices an opportunity to design digital cash for poorest - see eg jack ma's connection of finance to ecommerce; others are racing over deep data in markets such as health, agriculture, media of those whose demographics/lives matter had been included- all of these leap fowards are connected with universal accessibility of last phones only imaginable recently

village smartphones began bagladesh with grant from soros and mit tech wizards the quadir family - african cell phones for the oor took a lead with eg mpesa; all of this learning curve was integraed by bkash

during abed's first 25 years of empowering poorest village phones there were no electo=ricity grids let alone smart phones- so he developed microfinance wherever a replicabke village microfranchise could be developed -listed in other goals- as well as direc training grant process for the ultra poor