invites you to action network Glasgow University's 3 most important alumni of SUSTAINABILITY GENERATION Adam Smith James Watt, FAZLE ABED of include:
  • U Last Mile Health

  • U Early Childhood

  • U finance to end poverty

  • let's celebrate triple-win economics=
    end poverty*grow middle class*go green

SDG 5  4  3   2  1  0 welcome to Asia and the top 5 sdgoals 50 years search scaling the most exciting collaborations women-led communities empower
INDUSTRIAL REV 260th GAMES-cards of sdg-gen
diary: next UN sdg-games
250th year review of moral sentiments and industrial revolution

green economics- the younger half of the world's only hope
Coming soon Fieldbook of Fazle Abed and 1 billion girls empowerment. I see these as 7 chapters of the fieldbook of Abed and womens nation building. Are you able to see if Shameran Abed agrees these are close to honoring his father's purpose or do you want me to do that?
Chapter 1 Ending poverty with financial services - Chapter 2 Ending famine with village agriculture and 100% employment of women geared to community building and celebrating nation's market/entrepreneurial advantages
Chapter 3 Raising life expectancy from 25 below to close to world norms through maximising last mile health service capacity with collaboration focus on affordable life-shaping solutions for infants and mothers
Chapter 4 Education designed to value's the (girl/boy) child's life, love of self, communal dignity of everyone as an action learner and livelihood co-creator Chapter 5 Community as (global village) platform search for collaboration in resiliency and family-led conscious effort to respect every person and nature's dynamics Chapter 6 Did Abed discover optimal framework matching The Economist's 150 year searching for Entrepreneurial Revolution ie a third movement to mediate historic empires, big politics and big corporate through intergenerational and inter-hemisphere sharing of advances in engineering. Specifically matching Von Neumann's definition of industrial revolution 3 as era of above zero-sum value exchange modeling coherent with 100 times more tech per 8 decades 1945-2025 compounding to everyone's collaborative and natural advantage. Chapter 7 Exploring Abed's checklist of the most urgent work to be done through the decade after his passing and purpose of the younger half of the world in connecting first true decade of sustainability generation through hi-trust behaviors and borderless transparency of data mapping integrating every GPS
welcome to lifelong action learning on ending poverty, celebrating health #AIforgood (glasgow's 260th year of first engineer james watt & first IR economist adam smith): growing green:
America's john kerry: glasgow november is humanity's last best chance next un zoom -2021 year of living dangerously close to extinction -
THANKS be TO Glasgow U alumn fazle abed- small may be beautiful but in ending poverty, large scale coalition empowering women community building is asks how many 1 billion dollar sdg investments a year can women empowerment coalitions inspire: brac bangladesh billion dollar microfinance loans ; abed ultra poor billion dollar grants a year; bkash billion dollar cashless banking for poor ; brac bank billion dollar youth engagement and sme city bank; billion dollars of lowest cost remittances; billion dollar investments in each of 5 ages of schooling ; billion dollar vaccine empowering poorest families grants ; 10 agricultural value chains whose crop sxcience and ai data is networked around poorest asian farmers...

Sunday, December 31, 2017

 online resources referred from unesco 2017 -learning objectives of sdgs edcation

Annex 1. Selected online practices and resources

SDG websites

Human Rights and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

OECD and the Sustainable Development Goals: Delivering on

universal goals and targets


SDG Indicators

The Guardian: Sustainable development goals: all you need to know


The UN Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform https://sustainabledevelopment.

UNESCO and Sustainable Development Goals


UN Sustainable Development / SDGs



World Economic Forum: What are the Sustainable Development



Classroom, curriculum and youth work resources

British Council: Sustainable Development Goals resource https://


Gaia Education’s Design for Sustainability E-learning Programme

GlobalGiving: Crowdfunding for the SDGs https://www.globalgiving.


Green Pack: Teaching material on sustainability issues

OpenLearn. The Open University: Material for self-study on all kinds of


OXFAM: A selection of suggested teaching ideas around the SDGs


Sustainability Gamepedia: A database of games related to


Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future: Resources for

teachers about teaching approaches as well as classroom activities

on diverse topics related to sustainability

Teach UNICEF: Collection of teacher resources on the SDGs


The Free global education and learning portal on

sustainable development solutions

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World


The Story of Stuff: An online resource that investigates the humanity’s

unsustainable use of materials

The World We Want. A Guide to the Goals for Children and Young



The Youth resource pack from MYCI: Methodolgies for introducing

the SDGs to young people in an engaging and informative



UNESCO: Good Practices in Teacher Education Institutions http://

World’s Largest Lesson: Find everything you need to introduce

the SDGs to young people, take part and take action http://

Young Masters Programme on Sustainable Development: Online

courses and international exchange between students on

sustainable development

YUNGA Challenge Badges: Developed in collaboration with UN

agencies, civil society and other organizations, YUNGA Challenge

Badges aim to raise learners’ awareness, educate and motivate

them to change their behaviour and become active agents

of change in their local community. The series can be used by

teachers in school classes as well as by youth leaders. http://www.

Annexes Education for Sustainable Development Goals: Learning Objectives


Organizations and initiatives

Eco-Schools Networks

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) http://

GAIA Education

Global Ecovillage Network

Global Footprint Network


Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI) https://

ICLEI: Local Governments for Sustainability

International Institute for Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Solutions Network

UNESCO ASPnet schools


United Nations Development Programme

United Nations Environment Programme

World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations


World Health Organization

Teaching and Professional Learning Support

Education for Sustainability Starter Kit http://www.

Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit http://www.

German Curriculum Framework Education for Sustainable



Guide to Education for Sustainability


Guide to Quality and Education for Sustainability in Higher Education

Shaping the future we want. UN Decade of ESD. Final report http://

UNESCO’s Roadmap to ESD. Implementing the Global

Action Programme


UNESCO’s Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future http://

Vanderbilt University’s Guide for Teaching Sustainability https://cft.

Whole-school approaches to sustainability: A review of models

for professional development in pre-service teacher education

(Australian Research Institute in Education for Sustainability) http://

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