ED: May The Games of Architect Intelligence (AI) be with you & Mother Earth's 8 billion beings & 1BnG & HAI .. breaking sept 2023 one of my fav 5 hours spent at university!!
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EE: Back in dad's teenage diary as navigator Allied Bomber Command Burma, a day headed ROM meant a friend's flight went missing. In 2023 ROM is politest term we can use for failure to help youth celebrate 73 years of research with von neumann on only good tech can save our species, and 36 years of world class brands architecture research round biggest decison makers started 1988 when dad restored from The Economist: on how bad media can destroy millennials futures. From the last articles we influenced in The Economist Trust has been the exponentially missing metric. Thanks to a chat with Von Neumann's daughter (who's advances for humanity would her dad have trusted most 2025-1950? EconomistDiary.com is launching a game Architect of Intelligence. Dare you play the most urgent cooperation game in sustainability goals hi-tech-trust-touch world?
ED dedication : To Architects Fazle Abed & Steve Jobs -who convened silicon valley's 65 birthday to Abed in 2001 giving 7 years of design foresight to why mobile digital network not seen in his 1984 launch of PC networking
INDUSTRIAL REV 260th GAMES-cards of sdg-gen
Uni2 :FFL*JOBS*DHgoog
welcome to AIsdgs.com where media designers help take down fake media wherever its wasting 8 billion peoples time

you may want to join economist dairy in 1951 when The Economist sub-ed  NM was seconded to NYPeinceton for year to listen to John Von Neumann design the number 1 journalism-for-humans quiz, Architecture of Intelligence (AI): it was agreed the most valuable scoop earthlings may e-vision = what goods can humans unite wherever celebrating early access to 100 times more tech per decade? - eg a billion times more 2015=1955

or back from future of 80 years of 2025report: join bard-solar express route 1843 to 2023-4-5: 1843 EconomistDiary.com under 30 queen victoria accepts Economist founder James Wilson help to start mapping commonwealth trading maps replacing britannia ruling all of asia waves round global market of englishmen's tea ; in 1859 victoria charters bank for Wilson to go design financial service for quarter of humans on india's subcontinent; after year 1 celebrations by most of the peopels, james dies of diarhea; it takes 112 years before former shell oil ceo educational intelligence empowers womens lesson plans round oral rehydration, 10 community business of goal 2 2 food, goal 3 health and 90% of the peoples trust in a regional bank for female generations to build nation

SDG 5  4  3   2  1  0 welcome to Asia and the top 5 sdgoals 50 years search scaling the most exciting collaborations women-led communities empower
ED soon after 2010 death of Von Neumann's first journalist of Architect Intelligence The Japan Ambassador to bangladesh hosted 2 brainstorming sessions- since 2001 Steve Jobs and Fazle Abed had united their support of net generations futures : would a moon of the top 30 cooperations visioned by 1billiongirls help bridge human intel until Steve Jobs gift of a university in phone (iphone 2007) might renew interest in man made engines blending human intelligence ... EconomistLearning.com from 2009 stanford's fei-fei li began the new entrereneurial revolution of pretraining computer visiosn (in about 10 different ways from science games deepmind, to 1000language games LLM , to object recognition of autonomous cars are ever needed, to nlp to literature veviews in real time of very covid publication to 2019 stanford hai inviting every human discipline grads spend time on to HAI ,,,,as pretraining of humans rose to 2015 hopes were that high that it was time to declare 17 cooperation dev goals and roadmapping of UN2 comprised of dynamic subystems of above zero-sum human networking. Bangladesh as deepest place branding of SDG5 celebrates being 52 years young in 2023 the 265th year of smithian moral sentiments at Abed's Alma mater Glasgow Universiity. Supporting hi-tech hi-trust Asian place winners include: singapore 2023; hong kong (22.1 Place winners 22.22022 ... Thailand2021 ..) . Abed was not just a world class civil engineer; he dedicated half a century until his death in December 2019 as servant leader. Aligned by HG Wells bon mots: civilisation is a race between education and catastrophe, Abed Bhai preferred to be seen as host of microeducationsummit not financiers summits: his gravitation purpose of 30 women empowered cooperations that of united refugees, villagers and civil societies in ENDING POVERTY. Fortunately for the worlds poorest new nation Bangaldesh 1971- Abed had networks like no other community leader. HIs friends' coop roadmapping reached out to intel vitalised by at least a billion village mothers in tropical inland asia where, a third of infants were dying of diarrhea before Abed's person to person networking became the best news ever chatted. Fro mid 1950s studies in Glasgow he spent nearly 13 years growing to be Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company's regional CEO. So his lifetime searches uniquely capitalised on what UK and Dutch Royal Societies (soon Japan Royals too) knew how to help end the poverty their colonial era had up to 1945 trapped the majority of humans world trade in. Simply put most Asian coastal belts link national borders defined by what these < a href="http://www.kc3.dev">3 kingdoms designed in to trading barriers over nearly half millennium. And which had made the English language that of world class engineering (digital age as well as pre-digital) So by 1970s these nations royal societies (including londons arts green-geographical, medicinie, science, architects ...) were happy that a grounded movement could link them into what they didnt fully know culturally or consciously. From 1970 on Abed linked in global village mapping like no one else - through these relationships and by designing business microfrachises not charity wherever possible for village women to own. To study with abed alumni is to join in the world's most cooperative empowering women movements for good as well as of childrens development.

Monday, July 31, 2023



 2023-4 is schools year 9 of UN2 transforming humans intelligence relationship around vision of millennials as first sustainability generation  magicspex.com (valuing peopels time and data as trust multipliers of advancing human race and moether earth's renewability

Regarding system mapping: the 21st C initial millennial goals were under-specified- for example if you were building primary schools you could demand a lot of aid; intelligence for any form of livelihood education that wasn't a millennium goal. In 21st C, no region's human networks kept relentlessly questioning how to advance half-time (2015) millennials-sustaining goals as much as  Asia's 1billiongirls.com/girlsworldbank.com. What the west had since 1997 called microcreditsummit.com was actually microeducationsummit integration of sall deep community data if you travelleled to deep spaces like Bangladesh which our studennt mediatirs for good and ed3 fruends co-blog Abedmooc.com did 16 times. Their Entrepreneurial Revolution demanded  intelligence transformation of how public service and businesses worlds and communities map global village futures.(aka UN college yasr 23-24)

2023-4 marks the 8th college year of transformation empowerment wherever human architect intelligence blends with the UN. Here's how the magicspex system transformation  has evolved from talk to walk , last mile  systems

UN2 Guterres Kim Abed Steve Jobs

Hassabis Fei-Fe Li. Larry Page & Jerry Yang

Neumann- Einstein (Gandhi Freud) Turing Borlaug Freire Deming
Jfk Korolev Moore Macarety Olsen - 52 players cards Architect Intel 23-4
.year 1 review of sdgs UN H Q sept 2016- Finding on behalf of educators sdgs are impossible unless there is Digital Cooperation -  from this day on, if poverty-ending is the vision: , tech and every UN practice skills group must help each other and teachers end all silos, More than half of yout's time and livelihoods will be wasted unless we fix this Testimony source Jim Kim , Fazle Abed, Jack Ma. The next day presentations were being made to UNCTAD's leader based in Geneva but attending NY assembly. Within months the education demand was being valued by the ITU in Geneva which had since 1865! been the epicentre of how the world cooperates around transformations in (tele) communications system

2016's world bank leader and health intelligence mapmaker jim kim leadership unites 2016's springs 80th birthday intelligence update which  fazle abed and global villages' 1billiongirls had mapped since 2001 when they wer key practioner connectirs of global fund (with paul farmer gates health foiundation geore soros). Vilage tuberculosis networking showed how bottom-up solutions were needed to alelvaite both tb and aids. It had taken a lot of ID says(Infectious Disease) mapping to get either the WHO in Geneva or NIH in Dc to agree to this deeper modeling of health flows. 

By year 2 an expert pane;l to debate transformation to end wasting peopels time was set up; digital cooperation of how to end wasting youth's time was matched by digoita; capacity building ho0w to stop wasting teachers, parents and emders time. Simulataneouely the ITU launched AIforgod. Contextually this would be a space that transitioned from WSIS annual summit theITU had hosted since 2005 in peraparation for wi-fi and 4g and datata beaming up/down from every gps. Incredibly UN in NY had not looked at gps data maps from the bottom up until Guteres was apinted as un leader bring his decade of UNexpereince of serving refugees, and befire that Portuguese red cross partnerships with geneva's red cresecent, and before that mediating the EU's impact on Portuguese speaking peoples

By colege year 2018-9, the2nd lenses was being added - gov2.0 could achieve the Un foudational system oirpoeses rights, equality, trtut/safety, stewardship of common goods if it fl=ully valued women emowerpmet and youth-intergenerational inteligences; - the deep maths data scence piece CODES was added to the time spending lens.

2019-20 - covid hit - son the mabicspex becemae the most popular zooms instead of physdical leaderhsip summits

2022-23 is the year when teh general assemply hosts inquests of every sdgs, and chooses where intelligence cooperation technnolgy (aka Human AI) can be the transfrmation of all the magcspex

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  1. 51 years of women empowerment/end poverty intel bard says: women's empowerment solutions advanced by Muhammad Yunus and Fazle Abed both start with the service values of Paulo Freire. Both Yunus and Abed have mentioned this in dozens of interviews, and there are also many citations of this in my searches of human knowhow.

    Here are some examples of how Yunus and Abed have talked about the influence of Freire's work on their own thinking:

    Muhammad Yunus: "I read Paulo Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed when I was a young economist, and it had a profound impact on me. Freire's ideas about education as a tool for liberation and empowerment really resonated with me, and they helped to shape my own thinking about microcredit and social change."
    Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen BankOpens in a new window
    Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank
    Fazle Abed: "I was first introduced to Paulo Freire's work by Muhammad Yunus, and I was immediately struck by its relevance to the work that we were doing at BRAC. Freire's ideas about education as a tool for empowerment and social change helped us to develop our own approach to women's empowerment, which is based on the belief that women can be agents of their own change."
    Fazle Abed, founder of BRACOpens in a new window
    Fazle Abed, founder of BRAC
    Both Yunus and Abed have said that Freire's work helped them to see the potential of education as a tool for empowerment and social change. They have also said that Freire's ideas about dialogue, reflection, and action have been essential to their work with women in Bangladesh.

    The women's empowerment programs developed by Yunus and Abed have been widely successful. The Grameen Bank has provided microcredit loans to millions of women in Bangladesh, and BRAC has implemented a variety of programs that have helped to improve the lives of women in Bangladesh. These programs have shown that Freire's ideas about education and empowerment can be used to make a real difference in the lives of people living in poverty.