latest news from 50 college coalition for sdgs events next past -access learning curves of educational revolutionaries ABC - Abed, Botstein, Crow ... Soros what do sdg-youth want to learn from & celebrate actionably with new york & UN & nature's borderless goals for human wellbeing? tours 10

,close encounters:
of healthy kind, of servant leader kind, of food security, of education kind, of credit kind, of solar kind, of other machine intel kind

afore ye go global with tech, value 4 humansAI system gravities
bullseye poverty; red community/family-sustaining goals 2-6
blue tradefor sdgs channel goals 7-12; 13-16 green revolution - not seen humansai : triangularise collaboration exponentials public, private by youth

edu as if all teens lives matter- see maps brooklyn, rest ny suburbs, rest ny state
health beyond covid with cuomohealth with bloomberg-hopkinshealth with james grant global school of vaccines and health
young scholars of us's number 1 monetary economist and philanthropist soros- economist for sdgs, global performing arts & fashions, multilingual youth ambassadors, twin city special vienna, dhaka:women's world's number 1 ngo coalition, berlin, palestine
global investment funds - soros:global board- deep data for every society and climate: bloomberg, blackstone, schwarzman
action-learning networks of ban ki-moon, jim kim, & antonio guterres
- schwab links unga with 5 hubs of industrial rev 4 - san fran, tokyo, beijing delhi, geneva as well as world economics davos winter and world innovation champions china summer and 400 global youth shapers hubsfall priority young journalism briefs- chennai bay and carribean for america's most powerful woman

Sunday, January 17, 2021 2021 - which events offer humans 3rd and last chance to love each other enough to sustain all children

story if children of 2000s are not invested and educated as first sd generation its the enbd of our species - see our 1984 book

1st chance 1760s when 2 people at glasgow university started up the age of machines and humans - come revisit what they mapped and what happenened since forst 2 weeks november glasgow cop26 especially saturday nov 6 when guu buildings will host yout valuation events and celebrate first 10 years of the journal of youth economics and nbew youth university coalitions

2nd chance almost all nations borthed the un 1945 at opera house san francisco- 2 missions reboot major economies; free and sustain those who had been colonised

by 1960 things were looking amazingly possible
thanks to the legacy of von neumann moon races, satellite connectivity, artificial intel labs, computing were blossoming - out of mit facing atlantic coast, out of stanford facing pacific coast  ..

japan had adopted 2 other americans solutions as more urgent for the two thirds of humans living on asian continent which largely japan and british empires had up to 1940s left behind - eg villagers with no access to electricity grids

borlaugs rice and veggies science was the first village network solution- at least a billion people were saved from famine - soo this was joined by other villagers solutions to prevent infants from dying including oral rehydration and immunization - the economist called this rural keynesianism - since its solutions are poorly understood in west- we aim to celebrate it here 
One of them is communist China, which has been following a policy which Macrae calls "rural Keynesianism." The others are "capitalist roaders" such as South ...
Apr 20, 1978 — Macrae, deputy editor of The Economist, call'> China's present-day rural Keynesianism are expressions of that compulsion. Washington and ...
and-with our close encounters series which started at glasgow journal of new economics in 2011 and which we aim to find 2021 partners to update anywhere -to help rsvp

demings better quality engineering led japan korea , taiwan into a whole range of innovations american manufacturers did not have energy for - bullet trains, contaier shipping, other solutions for building 20 million plus megacities, microelectronics, - this type of new economy spread down far east islands japan taiwan hong kong singapore and was first celebrated on the continent by south korea; from 1996 china

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